Micronised Marine Algae

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Micronised Marine Algae

100% natural Micronised Marine Algae can be added to bathwater, allowing you to discover all the benefits of the sea at home. Once infused, the trace elements revitalise and purify. Rich in iodine, these 3 algae reveal a more harmonious and refined silhouette.

10*40 g

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$ 124.20

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Expert Advice :

Pour the contents of one sachet into the bath under running water for a toning and relaxing bath. After 15-20 mins in the bath, wrap up in a bath robe and relax for the same amount of time. Follow with a warm or cool shower.

Active Ingredients

  • Trio of Micronised Algae (Laminaria, Fucus, Lithotamnium)

    Rich in Zinc, Copper, Manganese: purifying, rebalancing, anti-ageing
    Rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Iodine: relaxing, restructuring, soothing


Laminaria Digitata Powder, Fucus Vesiculosus Powder, Lithothamnium Calcareum Powder

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