Who is this "woman of the Oceans"?

Thalgo was born from the Oceans, so it was only natural that five years ago we chose to get involved alongside Aurore Asso, three-time French free-diving champion.

"After agricultural training to bring me closer to nature, I learnt the profession of perfumer and worked in the perfume industry for four years. It was only a small step from the olfactory to the audiovisual. Today, I direct documentaries and am pursuing the ideal of raising our awareness of environmental issues.
In parallel to my professional life, I've always kept the instinct for exploring, the desire to experience other places.
I began free diving in Greece when I was eight years old, going to look for treasures such as amphora necks, abalone shells and sea urchins on the seabed. I then saw the birth and growth of this sport, which has today reached a professional level."

Over and above an extreme sport, free diving is a real immersion in the marine world, allowing you to discover original sensations and be in perfect harmony with the oceans. This sport only calls for human strength, putting us on an equal footing with the oceans.




"Who is this Woman of the Oceans ?"



Why this partnership with Thalgo?

The partnership between Thalgo and Aurore Asso was born of a meeting based on shared vocations.

The quest for aquatic well-being

The search for aquatic well-being, feelings of relaxation, well-being, vitality, etc. are benefits that Aurore is looking for through her dives and that we, too, endeavour to concentrate in our products, so that every day, all over the world, the sea is at your side.

Protection of the seabed

We also share the same concern to protect the environment.




"There is no life without 



"There is no life without water. It is the colour of our planet, our womblike element. For several years, I have been committed to preserving our vital resource. In October 2009, I took part in a campaign by the Antinea Foundation on the "Fleur de passion" boat to safeguard marine protected areas in the Mediterranean. Today I would like to use my sporting performance and my reputation as an athlete on behalf of an activist adventure. My project, the seven wonders of the aquatic world, is a series of symbolic dives around the world. While free diving, with total respect for the environment, I allow you to discover these marine and lake landscapes, chosen both for their purity and their vulnerability. The aim of the project is to gather the most beautiful underwater images of this natural heritage, which must be urgently protected, in a series of documentaries."

Working alongside seabed protection organisations, Aurore carries out projects to raise awareness and act as a wake-up call about the fragility of our marine treasures.

The tremendous power of the sea

Free diving requires intense physical and mental preparation and demands essential muscle recovery and relaxation.

Convinced of the powers of marine resources, Aurore relies every day on the benefits of Thalgo marine treatments to prepare for and recover from her dives.

Constantly under attack from the wind, sun and dryness, she uses Thalgo products every day to protect, strengthen and nourish her skin.

A perpetual quest for performance




"A perpetual quest for performance"



Aurore and our teams share the same love of performance: Aurore on a sporting level to excel herself on every dive and Thalgo to reveal women's beauty.

"Deep free diving requires you to find a balance between mental strength and letting go in order to improve your performance. Mental strength links a strong work ethic, team spirit, determination, rigour and discernment, in order to achieve a goal. The company's values are very similar. Letting go is inseparable from self-confidence and indispensable in order to be able to respond quickly to a problem and manage stress. Whether underwater or within a company, it's always a matter of going further and doing so together."


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