An integrated research laboratory

The Thalgo laboratory relies on a multidisciplinary scientific team including pharmacists, research engineers, microbiologists and biochemists.

They work in close collaboration with expert phycologists and experienced dermatologists to develop active ingredients and formulas that are more effective than ever.

A pioneering spirit that is a source of innovation

We keep André Bouclet's pioneering spirit alive, searching for marine active ingredients that are even more effective and innovative than ever

• 1964: Medical patent - the first Micronised Algae

• 1991: Creation of the first Marine Collagen cream

• 2012: Creation of the first range with the Marine Silicium complex

• 2013: Creation of the first Cold Cream Marine range

• 2014: RMI patent - the first Maritime Stem Cells

• 2015: Cosmeceutical patent - the first Marine Mesolift

Marine exploration worldwide

There are five main zones in the world that are rich in marine algae:

  • Japan area Southern
  • Australia area
  • South Africa area Atlantic
  • Europe area (including Brittany)
  • Indo-Australia area

Thalgo has always chosen to explore the entire world in search of water rich in trace elements.
The aim is to identify the marine extracts with the highest concentration of active ingredients.

A wealth of active ingredients

  • 100% of our formulas include marine ingredients (73% of which are algae).
  • Algae are used in every form: algae oils, powdered algae, algae macerate.
  • The other marine ingredients are maritime plants (samphire, shrubby everlasting, etc.) or sea water.
  • There are many marine active ingredients: minerals (marine calcium, magnesium, etc.), trace elements (marine silicon, zinc, etc.), vitamins, amino acids.
  • The other active ingredients are mostly natural (plant oils, etc.) or found naturally in skin (hyaluronic acid, etc.).

A hedonistic sensory signature

The textures are both fine and fresh. They are inspired by sensory pleasures associated with the sea: foam texture, aqueous gel, spray, fresh water, sun-kissed beach oil, scrub with grains of sand. They leave a pleasant finish, while infusing active ingredients to the heart of skin.
The fragrances are composed in Grasse on the French Riviera. They deliver notes combining freshness, luminosity and delicacy.

Our products are MADE IN FRANCE, combining elegance and refinement.

Professional expertise

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Our commitments

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