Infus'Oceanes - Refining

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Infus'Oceanes - Refining


The perfect ally for your diet, Organic Infus’Océanes Refining tea combines brown Fucus algae and green tea, known for aiding weight loss, with meadowsweet and mate, traditionally used for draining the body.


94% de satisfaction
Les Infus’Océanes Bio ont été testées avec succès en Centre de Thalassothérapie.
Ce test a été réalisé auprès de 93 curistes dans le Centre Thalazur - Antibes, sous contrôle médical. Chaque curiste devait prendre 2 infusions par jour et apprécier Les Infus’Océanes Bio sur divers critères.

Active Ingredients

  • Organic plant extracts:

    Green tea, meadowsweet, liquorice, mate

  • Algae extract: Fucus vesiculosus

    *From organic agriculture. Product of organic agriculture. Certified by Ecocert SAS F-32600.


94% satisfaction
Organic Infus’Océanes teas have been succesfully tested at a Thalassotherapy Centre.
This test was carried out by 93 clients in the Thalazur - Antibes Centre, under medical control. Each client took 2 infusions per day and assessed Organic Infus'Oceanes on certain criteria.

The lists of ingredients used in the composition of all THALGO products are regularly updated. Before using any THALGO product, we recommend that you read the list of ingredients on the packaging.

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Professional application gesture

2 sachets per day. Infuse 4–-5 minutes in a 250ml cup of simmering water.

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